Catalyze is a Dutch SME specialized in project management and administration for EU-level R&D projects. Catalyze has strong expertise in collaborative academic projects, scientific research, translational research, product development, clinical research, regulatory and commercial strategies in the area of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, life sciences, and medical devices. Catalyze has experience in project management of international collaborative projects in the field of life sciences, including bookkeeping and administration services including budgeting, (financial) reporting, grant declarations, time keeping (hour registration), invoicing, tax declarations, and personnel affairs. Catalyze also has extensive experience in running R&D projects and employs consultants (PhD, MD) and (financial) administration personnel with unique expertise in this field. Catalyze’s main tasks in the current proposal include: Project Management, assistance in development of an exploitation strategy, and active communication, dissemination and engagement activities

Olav Veldhuizen MSc is Project Manager at Catalyze. He holds an MA in Cultural Management from Northumbria University, UK. Mr Veldhuizen has more than 14 years’ experience in the management of large, international collaborative biomedical research projects, working closely with universities, large pharma and SMEs. He also has extensive experience in stakeholder engagement and dissemination activities, in particular working with patients and patient organisations as well as regulatory authorities such as the European Medicines Agency. In addition to Project Management he has had leading roles in dissemination work packages for several European projects. This has included initiating, organizing and running workshops to bring together stakeholders and multidisciplinary partners facilitating collaboration and dissemination.

Frederike Schmitz is the Senior Science Communication Advisor at Catalyze

Frederike Schmitz graduated with a master’s in nutrition science and received a PhD in Immunology. She has extensive experience in science communication, ranging from scientific and medical writing to writing and illustrating scientific content targeted towards lay audiences. Within Catalyze she is overseeing the strategy and tasks of science communication and dissemination within several EU Horizon projects.

Jessie Rietdijk is a junior project manager at Catalyze. She holds a masters degree in Management, Policy Analysis and Entrepreneurship in Health and Life sciences from the Vrije Universiteit. In previous roles, she has gained experience in the ways of working in large public-private partnerships and the ways Dutch grants are issued.

Why Jessie joined iPSpine:
“To assist in dissemination and communication efforts for this interesting and very relevant project.”

Christopher Kruger is the Science Communication Officer at Catalyze 

Christopher Kruger graduated with an Msc in Human Movement Sciences in 2021. His background encompasses various dissemination activities ranging from social media planning, grant proposals, and systematic reviews to presentations.  

Within the iPSpine project, he is responsible for planning and undertaking dissemination and communication activities.