Patient Stories

Zoë Bacon

“My back pain first started when I was 14. I had been on a dog walk with my family, and after we had driven home, I suddenly realised I couldn’t move my legs.”

Rian de Brouwer

“My lower backpain started when I was seventeen years old and it wasn’t exactly a subtle introduction. I was doing my morning routine and when I bended towards the bathroom sink I felt a sudden, sharp and horrible pain in my lower back.”

Anne Harrison

“I was first diagnosed with osteo arthritis when I was 50.  I had suffered with mild lower back pain for many years but had always thought it was a long term problem following the birth of my two sons.”

Nikola Skoro

“Usually being a sportsman, like being into martial arts (Karate and Aikido), cycling and playing American Football semi-professionally (Linz Steelers, Austria), I had a huge backdraft as in 2008 I after a CT screening due my persistent lower back pain and ever more the inability to train it turned out, I have a disc prolapse.”  

Koert Hommel

“After lying in bed for a few weeks and just ‘waiting’ for many months, I was operated on for the first time at age 19: a herniated disc L4 / L5.”